Erumpent dance

This is my absolute fav from this collection, Erumpent dance is described by Suzie as an ethereal multichrome that shifts dark rose gold/green/purple with flashes of blue.

shown here is two generous coats and boy oh boy just look at this baby 😀 ❤ (lots of photos I just couldn’t help myself.)







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Leave his brains

This is one of my favs from this collection, and is described as being a teal base filled with gold/green unicorn pee sibling pigment shimmer.

Shown here is 2 coats of ‘Cristatus’ topped with a generous coat of ‘Leave his brains’ and I love it! ❤

IMG_3821.jpg Leave his brains

IMG_3822.jpg Leave his brains

IMG_3824.jpg Leave his brains

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I’m the only one like me

‘I’m the only one like me’ is described by the maker as a purple/blue/pink tri colour thermal filled with purple/blue/pink shimmer & blue/red/green/purple iridescent flakies.

I was very fortunate to have some sunshine whilst swatching this collection which is pretty rare for late October and it was warm and beautiful so all of my swatch photos were either taken in natural sunlight or in ‘Dads Place’ in natural daylight.

Shown here is 2 generous coats of ‘I’m the only one like me’

IMG_3805.jpg I'm the only one like me

IMG_3806.jpg I'm the only one like me

IMG_3808.jpg I'm the only one like me

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Introducing Prism Polish UK


Hi all, I am so pleased to introduce Prism Polish UK to my blog and it has been such a pleasure chatting and getting to know Suzie the maker and owner of this lovely brand who kindly asked if I would swatch her next collection which you can see above.

This collection consists of 6 polishes (you will notice 8 in the above photo) as 2 will be core line cremes which Suzie created to compliment a couple of the polishes and they too will be launching at the same time.

The collection is called ‘Fantastically Beastly’ and launches on 1st November 2018 at 7.30pm you will be able to find them at it was inspired by the Fantastic Beasts Film franchise.

All polish reviews can be found by clicking on the Prism Polish link.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my photos of this beautiful collection.

Northern Lights

This is from Polish Con 2018 and wow it is a stunner of a polish and really makes a statement, here I used 3 coats plus top coat. I would say myself that it is probably meant to be used as a topper but I wanted to see how it performed alone and personally this is how I would wear it.

Makers description will be updated when the polish is released on their website in the future.

Photos taken both in ‘Dads Place’ and outdoors in natural lighting.




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