‘Love Is A Many-Splendoured Thing’

I’m writing this post today because I wanted to explain just what Indie nail polish means to me, this is mainly due to a conversation that mum and I were having just a couple of days ago. She loves to have me paint her nails and really enjoys looking at all of my swatch sticks deciding on what she would like to wear next time 😀 (she is 81 years young 😉

We were discussing how some people including both mum and I before I realised that the Indie world even existed have no interest in nail polish at all and only know about mainstream polish that they can buy from the local superstore, some have had that favourite bottle or brand for a few years which only comes out on special occasions and there is nothing wrong with that. Our discussion lead to how I feel about it and that sometimes it’s so difficult to have a conversation about a passion like this with someone who has no interest in it at all, it can also be a bit of a conversation stopper at parties I should imagine LOL. If you said to someone ‘oh I collect Indie nail polish and my aim in life at 53 is to become a swatcher for well-known Indie makers and nail polish is my hobby’ then the majority of folk would just look and say ‘Oh ok’ LOL I mean it’s not like playing bowls or collecting antiques, going to the gym or collecting art work, we are talking nail polish to those people and that is all it is but to me and I’m sure many other collectors out there this is way more than that.

Some may call it an obsession like collecting 100’s of shoes or handbags which in part I suppose can be true but the easiest way that I could explain it to my mum the way I felt was this.

How some people who love opera and when they listen to their favourite Aria they feel as if it is being sung to them or, if you are like myself it brings tears on the very first note, I have certainly listened to pieces that have made me very emotional in the past and in the present and I am listening to them now as I type especially Madame Butterfly “Un Del Di, Vedremo” and “O Mio Babbino Caro” sung by the one and only Montserrat Caballé both their and my heart warms at the sound and they have such a passion. Someone who loves the Ballet watching the pirouettes of a dancer and feeling emotional at the story behind the dance, I could go on everyone has a passion in life and indie polish is mine. Every maker sits in their own work space weeks or months usually in advance writing recipes mixing prototypes thinking of collections and the reason behind those collections if any, it takes months of preparation to get ready for release in the hopes that the fans and followers are in awe when the collections are revealed. It takes skill and precision to get it right, a special talent that only some have. Those makers bring us all the little bottles of magic that our hearts and minds desire. Some may say this is an extreme way to describe it and maybe it is, but to me this is how I feel about it and how it excites me and just how much I appreciate all the work that goes into those little bottles of pure magic.

‘Love is A Many-Splendoured Thing’ which in my mind means that loving something or having a passion for something like Indie polish or any passion that your heart desires is a multifaceted experience which is different for everyone and that’s my description of  how I feel about my Polish hobby ❤

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