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I thought this page may be a good idea in order to keep all brand information that I will be blogging about in one place.

Please use the category drop down box at the top right of my pages to guide you to blogs on particular Indie polish brands that are of interest to you or if you’re on you mobile or similar smaller device then please go to the bottom of this page in order to find the drop down box which will easily navigate you to the pages you require.


Prism Polish UK

Maker/Owner Suzie Stratton with help from husband Jason and Supervising Spaniel Tilly
Facebook group : Prism Polish-aholics (with a healthy growing 170 members)
Prism Polish does offer to deliver to many different destinations so please do check out her ‘Delivery Info’ Page.

Suzie has some lovely ‘About Us’ information on her website so please check that out but I have included a little here.

“Prism Polish is an independent UK Indie brand created with a passion for the unusual, individual and beautiful.  Our collections are based on natural inspiration and a love of colour, taking pride in each and every hand created and poured bottle.   Our colours are hand blended in small batches, and we aim for easy to wear, beautiful, long-lasting polish.

Prism Polish is proud to be 5-free, vegan-friendly and cruelty free with no products or ingredients deriving from, or ever tested on animals.”

Another thing that I really do love about this brand is this (taken from Suzies website)

“My passion for working with charitable organisations in my professional career has inspired me to continue to support those charities close to my heart with Prism Polish UK.

For every 10ml bottle of charity polish sold (above) we will make a £1.00 donation, and for every dinky bottle we will donate 50p to the charity that has been chosen for that particular polish. 

Throughout October, we will be supporting Blue Cross whose mission is to find happy homes for abandoned and unwanted pets, and to keep pets healthy by promoting welfare and providing treatment.  My Mum has recently given her lovely Springer Spaniel boy, Cooper, a second chance at happiness from the Blue Cross.  The donation they requested nowhere near covered what Blue Cross spent out in making him healthy before he was rehomed, so they deserve every penny!  Plus one of our lovely testers, my sister, works very hard as a Veterinary Nurse for Blue Cross, so they are a charity very close to my heart.

If you would like to support them directly then please click here to be taken straight to their donations page.

We are in no way officially affiliated with our chosen charity, we will be donating once per month with an online donation and posting proof of our donation onto our social media outlets.

I would love to hear from you; if you work with a charity, or have one that is particularly close to your heart please do let me know so that I can consider them for one of my charitable polishes.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​”

Great Job Prism Polish UK and a big thumbs up and some ❤ from me.




Maker/Owner Caroline Grevinga based in Netherlands.
Facebook group : Lacquester Lovers (with over 1,000 members)

Lacquester polishes are a 5-free, cruelty free and vegan Indie Polish brand.
They will be celebrating their 5 year Anniversary in January 2019

They can also be purchased at if you are in the USA/Canada and they also ship Internationally.



Tonic Polish

Maker/owner Lindsey Buck based in Iowa U.S.                                                                                                                                                Facebook group : Tonic nail polish (with just under 3,800 members)

Tonic Polish is a 5-Free, cruelty free artisan nail polish brand. It was established in June 2016 I believe and the owner/creator of the brand Lindsey Buck hand blends and bottles in small batches in Iowa U.S. she creates something very magical for us all to enjoy.



Illyrian Polish

Maker/owner Vanessa Nino based in Houston Texas U.S.                                                                                                                                        Facebook group : Illicitly Illyrian (with just under 1,800 members)

Illyrian Polish is a 5-Free, cruelty free brand which began in 2014, it is hand made in Houston TX with pre-order releases only.



Vapid Lacquer

Maker/owner Kris Resendez based in San Antonio Texas U.S.                                                                                                          Facebook group : Vapicorns (with just under 3,000 members)

Vapid Lacquer is a 5-Free, cruelty free indie beauty brand which was launched in 2013 the polish is created, hand blended and poured in very small batches, please see their about us page on the website which is full of information on their products.



Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Owner/founder Sophie based in South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia                                                                                  Facebook group : Femme Fatale Fiends (with just under 2,700 members)

Sophie established Femme Fatale in mid to late 2011 she had a passion for beauty blogging which took her that step further into making cosmetics for herself and her friends. Sophie is well known for her make up products but we will only be touching on the polish side of things here for now at least. Sophie released their first polish range mid 2012 they are a small Australian owned business based from home, for much more information please see their website.

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