Lil’ Pocket Of Fabulous Celebrates with its own Custom Polish

My blog has been going now for around 2 months and I am so very proud of it and what I have achieved with it so far, I wanted to do something to celebrate getting this far and to mark the opening of ‘Lil’ Pocket Of Fabulous’ so Caroline from Lacquester very kindly agreed to make me a custom polish and here she is in all of her glory.

I am over joyed with my lil’ bottle of champagne as I call it and I am extremely grateful to Caroline for this lil’ bottle of magic 😀

She has a pinkish lavender base with copper shimmer and oodles of Unicorn Pee pigment 😀

All my photos were taken in both ‘Dads Place’ and outdoors with natural daylight and full sunlight.






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