Mortal Coil

**** PR SAMPLE ****

So here I write for the very first time from the beginning my wonderful relationship with Lacquester, it all began on September 1st 2018 when I posted and ISO Post for some polishes in a new european destash group, to be honest I didn’t expect a response as I had searched for sometime for them, then my lovely friend Adi tagged me within minutes bringing my attention to the wonderful Caroline’s response to my post where she offered me one of the polishes that I had been searching for.

After chatting for sometime she recognised my little polish cart photos and offered to send me both ‘Mortal Coil’ and ‘Batteries Included’ to swatch for her, I am so so honoured to have this opportunity and will be eternally grateful to her for noticing my swatch photos and for seeing the potential within me. Caroline is the first large well known Indie brand to give me this huge break and I cannot thank her enough for having the confidence in me to produce good swatch photos because lets face it it’s a tough business to get into with hefty competition so I would like it known to all that I owe this wonderful lady so much. Thank you Caroline ❤

Mortal Coil is a dusty blue based polish that has multichrome colour shifting pigments that shift from red to gold and orange to green it also has tiny holographic glitter.

My swatch photos show 2 coats plus Seche Vite top coat, photos were taken in ‘Dads Place’ with natural daylight and outdoors in natural sunlight.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Mortal Coil is available both in Caroline’s store and in the US/Canada and worldwide via Color4nails and all information can be found on my ‘Indie Polish Brands Information & Links page.






IMG_0506.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0509.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0511.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0514.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0515.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0516.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0517.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0518.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0527.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0520.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0521.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0524.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0526.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0527.jpg Mortal Coil

IMG_0528.jpg Mortal Coil


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