Copper Painted Skies

**** PR SAMPLE ****
So with today being 10 days after my surgery I’m beginning to feel more like my old self and it was great to get back to swatching as I have really missed it and this collection was a really fun way to do that.
24th September 2018 saw the release of the ‘Falling Leaves’ Collection from P.O.P Polish which were sent to me for swatching, there are a total of 8 polishes in this collection all thermals with each one having shifting flakes in autumn colours with holo flakes for a little magic.
Copper Painted Skies is another favourite of mine along with Leaves of Gold, this is described by the maker as a sky blue to cloud white and it comes with a lovely memory that Bianca from P.O.P has and here it is below in her own words.
“I feel like I should explain this one, because it’s not exactly a fall color. I created this based on a childhood memory. It popped in my head when I decided on a falling leaves collection. My friend and I used to lay under her tree as children, and watch the golden copper leaves fall, against the blue sky. It was beautiful, and one of my favorite memories. I really wanted to put that in a polish. I feel I have, I just hope it translates to fall”
This is a sky blue when cold changing to a cloud white when warm and it is beautiful. The formula was easy to work with and it leveled nicely also as with the others in this collection removal was nice and easy.
I used 2 coats each for all 4 of the 8 which I will be sharing with you this evening plus one floating Seche Vite top coat you may need 2 depending on your application.
Photos taken as always in ‘Dads Place’ with natural daylight.

















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