**** PR SAMPLE ****
So with today being 10 days after my surgery I’m beginning to feel more like my old self and it was great to get back to swatching as I have really missed it and this collection was a really fun way to do that.
24th September 2018 saw the release of the ‘Falling Leaves’ Collection from P.O.P Polish which were sent to me for swatching, there are a total of 8 polishes in this collection all thermals with each one having shifting flakes in autumn colours with holo flakes for a little magic.
Foliage is described by the maker as being a military green to pale green.
My swatch photos show it as green when cold to pale green when warm, the formula was a little on the thin side so remember not to overload your brush and all will be fine.
I used 2 coats each for all 4 of the 8 which I will be sharing with you this evening plus one floating Seche Vite top coat you may need 2 depending on your application as they are very textured and all were very easy to remove.
Photos taken as always in ‘Dads Place’ with natural daylight.













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