Obeah Opera

***** PR SAMPLE *****

Hey everyone this brand is new to me and this collection along with another were sent to me for swatching purposes by the owner and maker of the brand Bianca.

This came about by two readers of this blog whom kindly sent me the link to a post in the P.O.P Polish Fanatics Facebook group where the maker had posted a ‘Search for a Swatcher’ post, so a big thank you to those lovely ladies.

‘Obeah Opera’ is part of the 6 piece ‘Fraver’ collection which Bianca based on a friends new book, he spent his professional life being a broadway poster artist and the book he released was of his work. Bianca is so proud of her friends achievements that she wanted to create a collection in his honour, hence the ‘Fraver’ Collection.

The maker describes this polish as a black jelly with gold flakes and shifting flakes in purple, green, bronze and blue topped off with holo flakes.

Seeing as this is the first time trying this brand it was interesting to see the unusual shaped bottles, I found the brush easy to work with too. The swatch photos below show two coats for me plus Seche top coat. All photos taken in ‘Dads Place’ with natural daylight and some taken outdoors too.

The collection was released on 17th September 2018













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