On May 30th 2018 I tried my very first Tonic Polish, I got it in a destash and when it arrived I was blown away by how much it glowed. That is one of the things I adore about this brand as the polishes just seem to glow even in the worst of lighting. You know how with some polishes they just look dull without some sunshine which in the U.K we don’t get as often as we would like but because I always seemed at that time to have mainly holographic polishes I was always that little bit disappointed so every time there would be even a glimpse of the sun I would dash to the window just to watch my nails sparkle or pop to the bathroom regularly just to see the polish under the lights but with this brand none of that seems necessary because they just glow in my opinion.

Below my swatch photos show 2 coats for full coverage on my nails of Incandescent topped off with Seche Vite. This polish is described as a metallic ballet pink multichrome which shifts to peach and icy lemon yellow with a scattered holo sparkle, recently I watched a live on the Facebook group and one of the wonderful admin was discussing with the maker about which polishes are classed as Lumichromes and this is one of them. Incandescent is a warm pale multichrome so is therefore classed as part of the Lumichrome collection of polishes. (I think or at least I hope I have that correct 🙂

Photos taken in ‘Dads Place’ with natural light and in full sunlight.





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