Use Your Noodle

Vapid Lacquer as I’ve mentioned in the information page is based in San Antonio Texas it is an artisan brand that not only make polish but also natural bath and body products, I managed to purchase some in their recent sale so I will be writing and giving my thoughts on those too at some point.

My swatch photos below show Use Your Noodle in all its glory, this polish is from the Summer Shenanigans collection back in the summer of 2016 hence the old style label and I was lucky enough to pick this up in a destash, this is a gorgeous orange with a very strong gold shimmer and a wonderful formula, these photos were 2 coats plus Seche Vite top coat taken in ‘Dads Place’ with natural light. The little Unicorn mood ring and necklace set I picked up at my local superstore, when I saw them they made me smile and think of Vapid as their Facebook group is entitled Vapicorns 😀








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